4C’s of Winter Driving


Lights – Headlights, taillights, turn signals, reverse lights and horn.Antifreeze/ Coolant – Check level and if it’s still good with simple test strips.
Tire Wear – Not just if the no tread but also any sign of uneven wear. It may mean a suspension or alignment problem.
Tire Pressure – Check for the proper pressures in your owners manual or door placard (not the numbers on the side wall). Don’t forget to check your spare tire too! For every 10ºF of outside temperature change – you will lose 1 pound of pressure!
Leaks – Check under the hood and where you park your car for any signs of leaks. These should be repaired as soon as you notice them.
Battery – If you are having trouble starting your car – it may be the battery – have it checked.
Brakes – Does your brake pedal seem a little soft? Is it taking longer to stop your vehicle? Have your brake fluid and brake system checked by a professional. Now is the time – not when it is too late!
Oil Change – Every 3-5000 miles. Check your maintenance section of the owner’s manual. Be sure to get a good quality, name brand oil and oil filter. Check your oil once per month. If it looks dark brown – change it.
Air Filter – Change air filters every 12,000 miles or every 6 months. It’s easy to do it yourself! Be sure to get a quality name brand filter. This will give you better fuel economy and performance.
Squeaks – If your doors or car squeaks, have a professional check it out. It may be something simple like a door hinge and a little needed lubricant.
Tune-up – If your gas mileage seems like it less than it was and your car is running rough – now is the time to have a check up. We recommend using Platinum tipped sparks plugs.


Winter Wiper Blades – The protective sleeve will help keep the blade on your windshield.
Winter Washer Fluid – De-Icer washer fluid will make your life easier on those real bad days. It has a yellowish color instead of the blue stuff.
Snow tires – Even if you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, winter tires are your safest way to travel in bad weather. They are designed for cold weather driving. All season tires are just that, all seasons in average weather, when the snow is deep and the roads are slippery, winter tires make a real safe difference.


Carry these items in your trunk in a box or duffel bag.

Jumper cables – (Jump it- self contained battery and jumper cables) – The safest choice!
Tires Chains – A great item to carry if the roads get icy or the weather gets out of control.
Flashlight with new batteries
Tire inflator
First aid kit
Flare and safety triangle
Protein bars – In case you are stuck and waiting for help.
Bottled water
Snowbrush with ice scraper – Get the best one you can find.
Blanket for every passenger
Cell phone – Inexpensive emergency plans are available.
Road service card – Especially good if you travel out of town.
Paper towels
Glass cleaner
Extra washer fluid
Work Gloves
Basic tools


Clean your vehicle and undercarriage to protect your investment.
Clean and wax your vehicle frequently!
Windshields, back window and side windows, headlights and taillights.
Wiper blades and snow from the top and hood of your car.

The SECRET To A Safe Winter – See and be seen!

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