What is a Ceramic Brake Pad?

There has been a lot of talk, news and claims surrounding Ceramic brake pads in recent years. Akebono would like to shed some light on the term and its proper meaning. 

The term “ceramic” refers to a very broad class of materials. Technically, these are inorganic, non-metallic materials that are formed due to the action of heat. In real world application, they may be used to form a teacup, a brick, jet engine turbine blades or tank armor. The possibilities are very broad, because the range of material properties and quality available is also quite broad. In brake pads, ceramics may be present in particle or fiber form. The fiber form is generally being phased out of advanced formulations, so today we will concentrate on their use as abrasives.

In the best brake pads, high-quality ceramic abrasives serve two important beneficial functions. First, they directly affect the friction created, and therefore, the brake pad’s output (“stopping power”). Second, they help clean rust and other contaminants off the rotor, ideally creating a consistent and well-managed braking surface…http://bit.ly/7J8Eo

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